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Recently, one of our customers asked us to reset its Hana SYSTEM user password. There are several articles on the Internet regarding how to reset HANA SYSTEM User password, but most of them are not working due to Hana Platform version difference. Here I listed the steps just work for me.

Prerequisites : You need have password of <SID>ADM user.

  • Login to your HANA host using <SID>adm user. If you do not have password of <SID>adm user then you can use root like user to reset <SID>adm password at OS level.
  • Stop the HANA database by using command “./HDB stop“.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 10.09.32

  • Now we will start Name server and Compiler server in batch mode.
  • Execute command hdbnameserver & and press enter to get the shell prompt again.

how do i reset sap hana password

  • Execute command hdbcompileserver & and press enter to get the shell prompt again.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 10.10.45

  • Now we will start index server to reset SYSTEM password  by executing the following commands:hdbindexserver -resetUserSystem


 how do i reset sap hana system password

 sap hana password reset

Update password in HANA studio

 reset sap hana password


SYSTEM User password cannot use character “~”, or it will show password error during login.



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