Get Intercompany and Multiple Branches Together

We have talked about multiple branches and the intercompany integration add-on. Both functions can help companies manage different branches better.

Multiple branches allow automatic allocation of transactions to a branch using user defaults, and the users can then run accounting and financial reports according to branch.

On the other hand, intercompany integration contains more functions, such as master data replication and content sharing and financial and operational visibility across business entities.

Even though the intercompany solution contains more complex functions for users, the multiple branches function has its own advantage – it is restricted to a single database. Users don’t need to change the database and log into the system again. Multiple branches use one database. The picture below gives a brief idea about the different functions in multiple branches and intercompany add-on.



Considering the different strengths of both functions, SAP made some changes: SAP’s add-on for intercompany has become compatible with the multiple branches function!

Now the compatibility requires PL26 of the intercompany integration solution (available since May 9) in conjunction with SAP Business One 9.2 PL10 or 9.3 PL01-PL04 versions. Due to high demand, SAP plans to make this also available for 9.2 PL11 versions, here PL27 will be necessary.

The option to operate both in parallel extends the possibilities of SAP Business One immensely:

  • Enterprises with multiple legal entities may want to use multiple branches solution and intercompany integration solution together to handle various business scenarios such as:
    • Using Intercompany solution to integrate subsidiaries in different geographies and using multiple branches solution to handle different business units in one of the subsidiary companies.
    • Using multiple branches solution and integrating subsidiaries in different geographies using Intercompany Solution.
  • Customers who already use multiple branches for their business units and additionally want to integrate legal units, subsidiaries, or separate SAP Business One company databases, can now extend their software with SAP’s successful add-on for intercompany.


More information about the difference between intercompany integration solution and multiple branches can be found in the brochure below. We are always glad to answer your questions. Just contact us!

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