Filter Blanket Agreement in SAP Business One

From SAP Business One documentation, blanket agreements are long-term arrangements between a purchasing organization and a vendor, or a sales organization and a customer, for the supply of items or provision of services over a period of time based on predefined terms and conditions. The blanket agreements are divided into two part: General blanket agreements or Specific blanket agreements.

From SAP Business One 9.0, Blanket agreements can be used as a basis for expected revenue forecasts, quantity reservation, and capacity planning. Once users setup blanket agreement, SAP Business One allows users to fliter the sales, or purchase, reports by agreement numbers.

Go to Sales > Sales Reports > Sales Analysis and choose “Total by Blanket Agreement.”


To include the blanket agreement reference in the reports, please go to Administration > System Initialization > Document Settings and choose the option “Block Multiple Blanket Agreements for Same Document.”


If you are interested in how to round amounts, please visit Rounding Amounts in SAP Business One.