SAP Business One Tips

5 Ways ERP Systems Benefit Manufacturing Companies

ERP systems are the mainstay for a large number of small and medium-sized companies. They provide a method for full integration of all the company’s core business processes in an up-to-date and real-time system. As a manufacturing company grows, processes become more complicated. Financial expenditures increase, payroll gets longer, project management becomes more complex and […]

SQL Queries in SAP Business One

SQL queries can help extract data from SAP Business One. This blog introduces two tools you may use to create queries and the eLearning materials which can help solve SQL problems. In the last part of the blog, we also give some examples. Tools for Creating Queries Structured Query Language(SQL) is based on an idea […]

Top 7 Ways SAP Business One Can Support Your Sales Team

SAP Business One is a comprehensive ERP system that combines various CRM and sales features. This advanced software allows companies to manage crucial business issues such as logistics, inventory, ordering, billing and customer communication using a single user interface. But many business owners and decision makers are still unaware of SAP Business One’s potential in terms […]

Using SAP Business One to Improve Operational Visibility Through Financial Consolidations

Using a standalone application to manage the finances of the average mid-size company is difficult at best and simply impractical in many cases. The level of difficulty is magnitudes higher for a rapidly expanding organization with multiple subsidiaries that has to deal with the challenges of shared data and intercompany transactions. SAP Business One is […]

MTC Annual Meeting in 2018

MTC just finished our annual meeting in Shanghai! Over 100 employees, who came from Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, the USA, and other locations, got together from Feb. 22th to Feb. 25th to learn new material and plan for the new year. What we did in 2017 In 2017, MTC changed its structure. We divided our company […]

History of SAP Business One – Chapter 12 – Moving to the Future

Author – Ilan Tal,Business Development Manager – Global Ecosystem & Channel Readiness From the history, to the future My personal journey with SAP Business One started in Autumn 1996, a journey that ended 21 years later with my farewell party at the SAP Headquarter in Walldorf, Germany. Over the years, I have been involved in […]